Reduce Your Turnover By 30%. My 'Four Pillars' Will Get You There Fast!

It's All About Your People. It Always is.™


Why Us?

We're  People Professionals who first learn ‘The Business of the Business.’ Then using Continuous Process Improvement, we’ve helped  clients show measurable results in their cultures with greatly reduced turnover. We use the same approach to maximize clients' capabilities in Recruitment & On-Boarding, Performance Management, Comp & Benefit Strategies, Learning & Manager Development and Mergers & Acquisitions.  

Our proven, structured Career Counseling process has helped clients for years because it works AND because of our experience and business savvy. We've been where you want to go! Don't wait!


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Measurable Results in a Variety of Industries


 We've reduced turnover by up to 30% below average in companies of all sizes in Tech, Healthcare, Shipping and Manufacturing. Clients  have included ARM, Camgian Microsystems, Cerilliant, KLD Energy Technology, GAC, Winstead PC, Capital Metro, Victory Medical Center, and the African American Youth Harvest Foundation. Check out Testimonials in 

About Us 

“It’s All About Your People. It Always Is.”™


Why Lose More Sleep?


  If you're stressed because your teams are not doing what you want, or not working and 'playing well with others,' we have structured, results-oriented solutions to course correct in a hurry: You'll see results in all your people-related functions. Check out Services

Career Counseling With Results


 For more than 15 years, we've been coaching people who want a job/career that's a better fit, in a better environment, with a better boss or 'All of the Above.' 

Our clients have told us they've learned more about themselves and about career opportunities they had never thought of. Then, following our step-by-step process, they've succeeded!  Our proven, structured Career Counseling  Process has helped clients because it works. Connect with our clients - they'll tell you!