About Us

Rich Giandana, President


Our business-owning clients have told us that because we listened first and then offered them customized turn-key solutions, we've saved them time, hassle, stress and money. We've helped them with their worst people pain points: Turnover, performance management, communication, and terminations. 


I've known Rich for many years and came to respect his HR and team building skills when we worked together at Tandem. Since that time I have engaged Rich for Team Building and senior management development. The project was very successful and well received by our managers. I highly recommend Rich for team building, culture development and any HR needs." John Reece, CFO Emeritus, Camgian Microsystems

"Rich was a key part of the executive management team in building morale and communicating effectively within the company. His work was of the highest professional quality and he was a valued adviser on all key employee-related issues. Rich is very good at netting out various options and recommending solutions that make practical business sense." Ellery Buchanan, Former CEO Renew Data Corp.

"Rich was always a great resource when we worked together. His people knowledge and training helped save us from a few potentially messy situations. I'd work with him again in a heartbeat!  That's how good he is."  Kerri Etminan, Co-Founder, Silent Women Productions, LLC

"I had the pleasure of working with Rich during an exciting time of tremendous growth - we were engaged in several mergers & acquisitions. As VP of HR, he guided a smooth assimilation of our new employees. He also improved our hiring processes, our culture, performance management and training,  He quickly understands where management wants to go and provides valuable assistance in getting there." Robert Gundling, Senior Consultant, The Fox Group, LLC

"Rich knows people. I was lucky enough to work in a company that hired Rich as a consultant. His seminars were motivating. We learned so much and owe a great deal of our much improved company culture to him..." Jessica Salinas, Integrated Marketing & Partnerships