Recruitment & On-Boarding


 The most important decision you make about people is who you hire.  

We'll show you proven processes to recruit high quality people in this tight labor market.  We'll also give you templates so they have effective on-boarding experiences.


Performance Management


We'll provide your managers with coaching, systems and tools to motivate and manage their most valuable assets - their people - with clarity and respect. We'll also show you simple yet effective ways to help employees course correct as needed. Results will be maximized contributions and job satisfaction of your people.

Career Counseling


For years, we've coached people who want a job or career that's a better fit, in a better environment, with a better boss or 'All of the Above.' 

Clients tell us they've learned a lot about themselves and about career opportunities they had never thought of. Following our structured 3-Step Process, they've succeeded! Connect with our former clients - they'll tell you.

Cultural Transformation


  A dysfunctional culture will drain the life out of any organization. The costs and distractions are painful. With the programs and tools we provide, the results will be an optimized culture with trust, commitment and collaboration. You'll also be able to ensure your great new culture endures.

Learning & Manager Development


  Helping employees grow is expected by the current workforce.  It is critical in the competitive, global 21st century marketplace. Leaders in all specialties find it much tougher to learn to manage their people than mastering their technical specialty. Our air-tight curricula, including trainer training for SMEs, will optimize employee contributions. 

Compensation & Benefit Strategies


We'll help you implement comp strategies that are easy for managers to use, to administer, and easy for employees to understand and trust. We can also link you with benefits pros to implement a benefit design that provides the best coverage you can afford.   

Mergers & Acquisitions


We'll start advising you during Due Diligence. And once the M&A agreement is signed, effective communication and careful blending of the acquired employees are essential to success. We'll give you processes and tools to reduce the fear, distraction and turnover that can thwart your M&A objectives.

HR Operations & Coaching


Regardless of the size of your organization, our recommendations and coaching will enable you to have business-focused, necessary & sufficient turn-key HR processes. We'll help you protect your business and enable your managers and employees to thrive and focus on what they're best at - their specialties.

On-Call Coaching & Retained Services


   Depending on your GPS membership/ subscription level, we can coach you on any of your included services beyond the end of our agreement. We're also available to help you meet people challenges beyond the scope of your GPS status and beyond business hours.